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Insight into the various systems of the body

Cardiovascular System Anatomy and Evaluation Medical Terminology

What is the Cardiovascular System? The terms cardiovascular system and cardiovascular anatomy are virtually one in the same. They both refer to the heart and blood vessels along with the structures that comprise them.    Some consider it to be synonymous with circulatory system but this is not entirely accurate.  The reason is the latter […]

Pulmonary Ventilation and Perfusion Insights

Pulmonary ventilation and perfusion function as a vital unit that supports life and promotes health.  Knowledge of pertinent and key basic concepts is of value to those that provide health care as well as to those that receive it.   Alveolar ventilation Alveolar ventilation is the volume of air that reaches the gas exchange units […]

Reasons for shortness of breath

There are many causes of shortness of breath but only a few reasons.  The causes have to do with the diseases or conditions associated with it.  The reasons for shortness of breath relate to the mechanisms that produce it.  What is dyspnea Dyspnea for the most part is a synonym for shortness of breath or […]

Respiratory System Symptoms and Signs Medical Terminology

Respiratory system symptoms and signs are important clues of some common illness such as pneumonia, lung cancer, COPD and asthma.  Knowledge of the common medical terminology of the symptoms and signs helps in recognizing and communicating the illness to a doctor.  The resultant early diagnosis often leads to better treatment outcomes. Pronunciation Apnea – The […]

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