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Insight into the body system consisting of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Syncope Workup Basic Insights

The syncope workup is the collective efforts of a physician(s) to determine the cause of a patient’s fainting spell(s).  There are official guidelines for what it should consist of based on both expert opinion and evidence-based medicine.  The various parts of the workup include the following:   The history The physical examination, including measurement of the […]

Syncopal Episode Mechanisms and Causes

A syncopal episode is an alternate term for syncope. There are several reasons it might occur. But there are three main mechanisms by which it occurs. They are: Neurological Postural Cardiac What Is Syncope   The definition of syncope partially addresses the question – why do people faint?  Syncope or a syncopal episode is the […]

Vestibular System Clarification Insights

  The vestibular system is a group of linked structures in the body that subserves postural balance, spatial orientation and the control of eye movement during head motion. Knowledge of the different parts of the system is abundant, but there are some misconceptions about the system as a whole. One of the main reasons is […]

Syncope Causes – Medical Terminology

Syncope Causes Syncope causes refer to the reasons people faint. They explain the physiologic processes resulting in fainting even though they don’t usually explain why the processes occur. Knowledge of the different causes is important though, for recognizing, treating and preventing it. Axiomatically, learning the language explaining a cause is the first step to acquiring […]

Neurological Assessment ABC’s and Medical Terminology

Neurological Assessment ABC’s Neurological assessment is the evaluation of the structure and/or function of a person’s nervous system.  A doctor or other health care professional performs it to determine the presence or absence of disease of that system, the need for therapy, the type of treatment needed, or a patient’s response to treatment.  It consists […]

Nervous System Diseases: Medical Terminology

Health Literacy and Nervous System Diseases Knowledge and understanding of the medical terminology pertaining to some of the more common nervous system disorders is an important part of health literacy. It can also aid in identifying the need for professional assessment and treatment. Prompt actions based on an acknowledged need can prevent adverse consequences and […]

Nervous System Disorders Signs and Symptoms: Medical Terminology

There are various signs and symptoms of nervous system disorders. There is specific medical terminology that applies to them. Knowledge of it promotes health literacy. It can aid in recognizing the need for professional evaluation and treatment. Prompt actions resulting from a recognized need can prevent undesirable consequences and promote better health care outcomes.  Medical […]

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