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Insight into the various systems of the body

Respiratory System Symptoms and Signs Medical Terminology

Respiratory system symptoms and signs are important clues of some common illness such as pneumonia, lung cancer, COPD and asthma.  Knowledge of the common medical terminology of the symptoms and signs helps in recognizing and communicating the illness to a doctor.  The resultant early diagnosis often leads to better treatment outcomes. Pronunciation Apnea – The […]

Cardiovascular System Function, Signs and Symptoms Medical Terminology

Cardiovascular system function is vital to life and the proper functioning of the other systems of the body.  Understanding it requires some knowledge of the basic medical lingo pertaining to its normal function and the signs and symptoms of its dysfunction.  The health literacy that accompanies it, in turn, enhances communication in health care and […]

Syncope Workup Basic Insights

The syncope workup is the collective efforts of a physician(s) to determine the cause of a patient’s fainting spell(s).  There are official guidelines for what it should consist of based on both expert opinion and evidence-based medicine.  The various parts of the workup include the following:   The history The physical examination, including measurement of the […]

Syncopal Episode Mechanisms and Causes

A syncopal episode is an alternate term for syncope. There are several reasons it might occur. But there are three main mechanisms by which it occurs. They are: Neurological Postural Cardiac What Is Syncope   The definition of syncope partially addresses the question – why do people faint?  Syncope or a syncopal episode is the […]

The Human Endocrine System: The Music of the Body

The human endocrine system enables the body to maintain a state of balance or equilibrium. It does so by causing adjustments in the normal cellular functions, processes and rhythms so they operate in harmony.  Music is the organized rhythmic harmonic sounds that creatures consciously produce. They perceive it, appreciate it and respond to it.  On […]

General Common Medical Terminology and Pronunciation

The proper pronunciation and recognition of common medical terminology by patients improves communication in health care. The value of knowing common medical terminology Knowledge of many of the common medical terminology words can serve as a springboard of motivation to increase your knowledge of issues relating to your health and health care. As such it […]

The Human Digestive System: Tests and Treatment Medical Terminolo

Testing and Treatment of Digestive System Diseases Knowledge and understanding of the medical terminology pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of the human digestive system is an important part of health literacy. It can improve your understanding of your health and the health care you receive.  Listed below are some of the […]

Parts of the Digestive System: Medical Terminology

Parts of the Digestive System and Health Literacy Knowledge and understanding of the medical terminology pertaining to parts of the digestive system is a vital part of health literacy. It aids in understanding your health and the health care you receive pertaining to your digestive system.  Listed below are common medical terms and their definitions. To […]

Lung Volumes and What They Mean

Determining lung volumes is useful to doctors in diagnosing, directing treatment and assessing response to treatment of a variety of conditions. Patient knowledge of them builds health literacy and promotes patient engagement. Listen Lung Volume Terminology     Alveolar volume (VA) – Is the surface area of the lungs available for gas exchange. It is […]

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