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Category: Hematologic Diseases

Insight into diseases and disorders of the hematologic system.

Blood Disorders and Related Medical Terminology

Blood Disorders Defined Blood disorders are diseases and abnormalities of the fluid and cellular components of blood. More specifically, they involve the plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Although some are acquired disorders they comprise a broad group of inherited diseases. Below are some of the more common disorders along with terms […]

Anemia-Related Medical Terminology

Anemia-Related Medical Terminology Explained Basic anemia-related medical terminology is a group of common words that pertain to a low red blood cell count and the different causes of it. It aids in the understanding of much of the information on the topic. It is also a valuable tool for increasing health literacy in this area.  It […]

Types of Anemia Medical Terminology

Types of Anemia Determinants  There are various types of anemia based on a number of different factors. One factor is the direct cause of the low red blood cell count – decreased RBC production, accelerated RBC destruction, or acute blood loss. Within these major groups there are secondary factors that define subcategories of types. Decreased […]

What is Anemia and Its Causes?

What Is Anemia?  The answer to the question – what is anemia – is threefold. Anemia is a decrease in the red blood cell count; quantity of hemoglobin (HGB) per 100 ml of blood; or volume of red blood cells per 100 ml of blood (hematocrit).  The red blood cell count is in the number […]

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