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Category: Nicotine Addiction

Insight into nicotine addiction, it’s consequences, and overcoming it.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms, the Brain & Treatment Rationale

The Significance of Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms Along with mental preoccupation and tolerance, nicotine withdrawal symptoms are the hallmark of nicotine addiction. The significance of withdrawal symptoms lies in the fact that they are the main reason many fail to quit smoking. According to surveys, most smokers want to quit and many try. But few succeed. […]

Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful? – You Decide

Despite their increasing usage and claims that they help smokers quit, the question – are electronic cigarettes harmful – is an important and valid one. Yes – the question is valid even though those battery-operated devices are supposed to be a safer alternative to smoking? After all, they convey into the respiratory tract of users, […]

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