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ICD-10: An Overview for Consumers

What is ICD-10? ICD-10 is an acronym for International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision. It is a set of codes for reporting death and disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) began working on the coding system in 1983. The World Health Assembly endorsed the ICD-10 system in 1990 and it started being used by member […]

The Value of Patient Use of PQRST in Describing Pain

PQRST is a mnemonic used by doctors and nurses for evaluating pain. It can also be used by patients to improve communication in healthcare. The potential benefits of the improved communication include making doctor visits and other physician encounters more productive and improving healthcare outcomes. As a consequence, it might also reduce medical expenses. P […]

Communication in Healthcare between Doctors and Patients

Communication in healthcare between doctors and patients is the exchange of information between the two parties for evaluating a patient’s health. Information obtained during the evaluation is used to diagnose and treat illness. Communication is bidirectional in that information is exchanged from patient to doctor and vice versa. It can be direct or indirect depending […]

Does Patient Engagement Cultivate Cherries or Prevent Sour Grapes

The question, does patient engagement cultivate cherries or prevent sour grapes, is a pertinent one in a time of healthcare reform. Especially in light of recent reports of increased cherry picking of patients by medical practices. Cherry picking in the healthcare field is the tendency for medical practices to selectively choose patients to treat who […]

The Interrelationship between Patient Empowerment, Health Literacy and Patient Engagement

The terms patient empowerment, health literacy and patient engagement which are mantras of health care reform can be somewhat confusing because of the variation in meanings based on the user. When analyzed in relationship to each other however, the meanings become clearer. Health literacy is a means to an end. Patient empowerment is a process utilizing the […]

The Yin and Yang of Patient Empowerment and Health Care

Patient Empowerment in Perspective Patient empowerment and health care hang in the balance. Patient empowerment is an important phenomenon accompanying health care reform. The forces of patient centered care which fuel it are counterbalanced by forces of quality assurance, professionalism, ethics, and cost containment in a symbiotic yin-yang manner. With the advent of health care reform the […]

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