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Articles about health insurance.

Choosing Health Insurance

Listen Choosing health insurance that you are satisfied with involves knowing what you want and comparing plans. Costs, benefits and health care flexibility are common concerns. But you should also consider other features. The easiest and least time consuming way to compare major medical products is via an online platform of a health insurance exchange or […]

Marketplace Health Insurance – The Rhyme and Reason

Listen Marketplace health insurance is coverage obtained through one of the health insurance exchanges operated by the federal government or one of the states. The health insurance marketplace, also called the health insurance exchange is an online resource to obtain and learn about insurance plans and options. It particularly is a source of health insurance […]

Affordable Care Act Subsidies Simplified

Listen    An Affordable Care Act subsidy is a percentage of your health insurance premium which the federal government pays. Other names for it are Obamacare subsidy and premium tax credit. Its purpose is to help low and moderate-income individuals and families purchase marketplace health insurance. In order to qualify one’s income must fall within a […]

Affordable Care Act Insurance Metal Levels and What They Mean

Listen The metal level designations of health insurance plans reflect their actuarial value. The actuarial value of an insurance health plan is a concept birthed by The Affordable Care Act (ACA). One of its uses is to compare different plan designs and determine the effect that different cost-sharing provisions have on cost sharing. Its significance […]

Why Many Struggle Paying Medical Bills despite Having Health Insurance

Listen Many face problems paying medical bills despite having health insurance.  The primary reasons are excessive out-of-pocket costs and uncovered services. Out-of-pocket expenses are the shared portion of the cost of covered benefits that policyholders are expected to pay for the medical services they receive. Failure to be able to meet one’s cost-sharing portion of […]

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