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Medical information in an audio format is an effective way of acquiring patient education patient educationwhich has taken on a greater significance in recent years. Some of the reasons are an increased emphasis on health literacy, patient engagement and patient-centered care in the evolving landscape of health care.

Some people are predominantly audio learners while others are visual learners. Most people use both modalities to varying degrees though. In today’s fast-paced society with so many things to do and learn, many benefit from the use of both modes of learning.  Supplementing the reading of printed material with hearing can reinforce learning as information enters the brain through more than one sense.

It can be rather expensive or inconvenient to do all of your audio learning online though because repetitive hearing of information is often necessary for optimal retention of it. This is certainly true of health care in which the terminology in some respects is like a new language.

You can listen to the information on the files downloaded from this website on a variety of portable devices including your smartphone, as well as on your computer depending on where you place it. You can burn the files to a CD or save them to a flash drive, SD memory card, or other removable medium of your choice.  Offline access is not only convenient, but also economical.

To maximize your options each download will be a two set file. One file will be in the MP3 format. The other will be a WAV file.

For step-by-step instructions on burning files to a CD using Windows media player click here.





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