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General Common Medical Terminology and Pronunciation

The proper pronunciation and recognition of common medical terminology by patients improves communication in health care. The value of knowing common medical terminology Knowledge of many of the common medical terminology words can serve as a springboard of motivation to increase your knowledge of issues relating to your health and health care. As such it […]

Blood Chemistry and Fluid Medical Terminology

One aspect of blood chemistry often overlooked is the properties and chemical reactions of some of the more important components in blood fluid. Knowledge of them can increase the understanding of certain diseases and treatments. Medical Terminology Pronunciation Active transport – Is the movement of a chemical substance across a cell membrane against a concentration […]

Kidney Function and Structure Insight

Listen The kidney is an organ with many functions. One of its main functions is the excretion of end-products of metabolism in urine. Knowledge of kidney function and its structure is a key to understanding kidney disorders and their treatment. It is also a springboard for health literacy in this area. Kidney Structure  The kidney […]

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