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Insight into health literacy

Communication in Healthcare between Doctors and Patients

Communication in healthcare between doctors and patients is the exchange of information between the two parties for evaluating a patient’s health. Information obtained during the evaluation is used to diagnose and treat illness. Communication is bidirectional in that information is exchanged from patient to doctor and vice versa. It can be direct or indirect depending […]

The Interrelationship between Patient Empowerment, Health Literacy and Patient Engagement

The terms patient empowerment, health literacy and patient engagement which are mantras of health care reform can be somewhat confusing because of the variation in meanings based on the user. When analyzed in relationship to each other however, the meanings become clearer. Health literacy is a means to an end. Patient empowerment is a process utilizing the […]

The Virtue and Value of Patient Empowerment and Health Literacy amidst Healthcare Reform

Patient empowerment and health literacy are valuable attributes for both patients and healthcare providers in today’s healthcare system. Both are key requirements for accomplishing many of the goals and intents of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Those goals include better well-being, favorable treatment outcomes and reduced medical costs. Patient empowerment is the process by which patients develop […]

Healthcare Insight – The Spice of Health Literacy

Healthcare insight is to health literacy as location is to real estate. Health literacy is the degree to which one is capable of obtaining, processing and understanding basic health information in order to make appropriate decisions related to one’s health. Without an understanding of how diseases are treated, evaluated and prevented, and knowledge of the […]

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