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insight into medical terminology pertaining to the immune system

Influenza Information Medical Terminology

Much of the important influenza information is best-understood if you are familiar with some of the key medical terminology related to it. Some of the terms pertain to the flu virus itself. Others pertain to the illness, including its spread, consequences, treatment and prevention. Many of the terms relate to microbiology and infectious diseases in […]

Autoimmune Disease Medical Terminology

What is autoimmune disease?  Autoimmune disease is a disorder of the immune system in which autoantibodies and/or effector lymphocytes attack cells and tissues of the organism mounting the immune response.  It is a failure of immunological tolerance to self. The sequence of events leads to tissue damage and destruction as well as other features of […]

Medical Microbiology Terminology for Patients and Students

What is microbiology and why is it important? Microbiology is the science which deals with the study of microbes. Medical microbiology is the field of medicine which deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are the main microorganisms of focus. Medical microbiology is a recognized specialty in […]

Immune System Function Medical Terminology

What is the immune system?  To understand immune system function it is necessary to first ask and get an answer to the question – what is the immune system?  Knowledge of the basic medical terminology heightens that understanding. The immune system is a complex and integrated array of organs, tissues, cells and molecules that defends […]

Parts of the Immune System: Medical Terminology

Parts of the immune system Knowledge of the various parts of the immune system is a key to understanding its function and importance. Knowing the medical terminology also helps. In addition to mechanical barriers there are various components which comprise the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system.  Those components are molecules, cells, tissues, […]

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