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Affordable Care Act Subsidies: The Premium Tax Credit in Focus

A subsidy is financial help getting something. There are two types of Affordable Care Act subsidies.  One provides assistance getting insurance coverage.  The other helps lower out-of-pocket expenses once the coverage is in place. Affordable Care Act Subsidies in Perspective Of the two types of Affordable Care Act subsidies, the one that helps people afford […]

Marketplace Health Insurance – The Rhyme or Reason for Many

There are a number of benefits to some individuals obtaining marketplace health insurance. The primary factors in deciding are socioeconomic. What is the marketplace?   Marketplace health insurance is coverage obtained through one of the health insurance exchanges operated by the federal government or one of the states. The health insurance marketplace, also called the health insurance […]

Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Metal Levels and What They Mean

The metal level designations of Affordable Care Act health insurance plans reflect their actuarial value. The actuarial value of a health insurance plan is a concept birthed by The Affordable Care Act (ACA). One of its uses is to compare different plan designs and determine the effect that different cost-sharing provisions have on cost sharing. […]

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