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Signs and Symptoms of MS Analyzed and Categorized

Signs and symptoms of MS (multiple sclerosis) are clinical features of the disease. They are, if you will, personality traits of the disease. Patients experience them in the form of symptoms. Health care providers, others, and in some cases, the patients themselves observe signs.MS starts out as a disease of the myelin sheath of nerves. […]

MS Terminology Clarified for the Layman

MS terminology is an assortment of medical terms and their meanings as they pertain to multiple sclerosis.  Some of the terms are not specific for MS in that they also apply to some other disorders. Others relate exclusively to MS, but might not be defined or explained in verbal or written discussion that refers to […]

What is MS? … And Related Insight

MS is the abbreviation for multiple sclerosis. The MS definition alone does not answer the question – what is MS?  Answers to some related questions with a focus on certain aspects of the disease are the best answer. What is MS?   MS is an autoimmune demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. It mainly […]

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